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Find your box; the one that’s filled with made in Quebec merchandise!

Our boxes contain original products made with love by daring, local businesses; they’ll please and surprise that person you’re looking to spoil! Thanks to Ecolocado, spoiling those around you is super easy! 

100% Made in Quebec

The Perfect Gift

There are countless local craftsmen and businesses in Quebec that have beautiful and creative merchandise to offer! We make it our mission to find those that have the “wow effect” you’re looking for! You can even browse through our individual products and create your own, personalized box; the one that will be custom-made for that lucky soul who’ll be receiving it … or for yourself!

Corporate Gift Ideas

Our corporate gift ideas will have the desired effect!

Treating your employees and customers to an original gift is easy with Ecolocado! You also have the option of creating your own, personalized gift boxes. Give your team a pleasant surprise while supporting local businesses!  

Good for Any Occasion

Gift boxes are suited for all occasions

Him, her, teachers, Mom, Dad, that pregnant friend, a recovering relative, a newborn; there are so many reasons to treat someone to a thoughtful gift! Most of the time, we’re not sure what to pick. Stop looking! Ecolocado is there to help you celebrate those special moments in life! We have a gift box for every occasion!  


100% Made in Quebec

Discover wonderful products while encouraging the local economy!  

Gifts for all occasions

Finding a gift that will surprise and please has never been easier!

Zero Waste Merchandise

Bring happiness to others without compromising your environmental values!

New Merchandise

Discover our latest arrivals

Customer Reviews

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Discover which products and gift boxes were customer favourites! 

Get inspired by their selections to create your own, personalized box!

5 zero waste products

When we become aware of the impact that our consumption choices have on the environment, we seek to transition to a more eco-responsible lifestyle by purchasing zero waste products. It’s normal to feel a little overwhelmed by all that is offered when you start. This is why we have prepared a list of 5 zero waste products that are easy to integrate into your routine to help you start your transition.

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